Saturday, April 16, 2011

Your gun terminology sucks.

  Ever run across that dude at the range with his shit wired too tight?  You know the one.  "It's not a silencer, it's a suppressor, it only suppresses the report, not silences it!"  Thanks for filling me in on that buddy. The first commercial "Suppressor" was marketed as a Silencer by Hiram Maxims son, and all the cool people call it a "Can" anyways.   I get a extra kick out of people that pull the "It's not a silencer" thing out, when they've never shot with one in the first place!  Wonder if the same people who bust that line out think the guy they heard it from sounded like a complete asshole?

  Seriously, when did it become so important to call everything by the "right" name?  I guess when everyone became Call of Duty commandos they had to find a way to one up everyone by making language tactical or somthing.   Fortunately for me, I talk non-shooter. So when some one tells me their gun jammed, instead of going batshit and dressing them down saying that guns are not pieces of toast; I can talk to them and find out what type of malfunction happened.  That way you can explain what the types of malfunctions are at the same time and you have one more informed shooter, instead of a gun owner thinking "gee, that guy is a dick!".

  Why is it so wrong for me to have a gun that shoots bullets through a silencer?

  Who says I need a firearm that fires rounds through a suppressor?

If people concentrated on being better shooters, and teaching others the joy of safe firearms handling instead of burning up all their energy being condescending towards people who don't know any better, the firearms world would be much better off.

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