Tuesday, April 19, 2011

People who bitch about the rules of FUDD ranges, especially on the internet.

"I went to this range, it was gay, they only let you shoot one round at a time, and you could only have 5 rounds in the gun at a time."

"Oh yea, what type of gun were you shooting"

"My AK."*

"Of course....."

  Heard that sad story before.  The weapons change, but never the incomprehension of  "their range, their rules".  I wish I had a Barret .50 for every time I've ran across some butthurt dude lamenting the rules of ranges in our state, many of which have been around for twice as long as they have with the same rules!  SURPRISE no shit they don't want you blasting away with your semi-auto.  They also want people to shoot there that can follow simple rules.  But I guess that's too much to ask for some, because for as many people who bitch about the rules, there's just as many that bitch about getting yelled at for BREAKING them!  That means they accepted the terms for shooting at the range and "in one ear and out the other".

  It's truly priceless. I've tried to explain it to people before, one argument devolved so bad (On SGN of course) that the dude called me an idiot for saying you can't chamber load an AR-15!  Worse, a bunch of people supported him!  I guess they showed me.  Hope the next FUDD range they go to fuck up they see a Hi-Po shooter with a sled...   They probably would be too busy telling the guy why he should shoot Hi-Po with an AK since it's the most accurate gun ever made...  Looks like I got the last laugh on that because now I'm passive/ aggressively blogging about you asshole!  Fuck yo couch!

  Glad to have worked at the range I did, if not for the PEOPLE that owned it.  All the shooters minded the rules, the price kept a lot of the riff raff out, and it was a clean, safe, friendly place to shoot.  In my year as RSO, we had no accidents, no suicides, nothing more than a little slide bite and a few stung palms from certain ammo.

  It'll never change, guess it's human nature to push red, unmarked buttons and see what happens.  That's why at my range it was pointed out often that doing so was an automatic revocation of membership.  We let people do a lot of cool stuff, but they didn't push  any buttons!

*Yes Al, I know you shoot your AK at the Fudd range, but take into account you probably have the only crowned AK in the state....

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