Tuesday, May 31, 2011

People that shoot for entertainment two: Electric Boogaloo.

  Ever meet those people that only want to "go shoot a gun" because of some computer game?  You know the kind, they know every stat of every rifle ever made, across 3 gaming platforms and 30 games (The AK-47, of course, being the most powerful in all of them!)?
  To me it gets kind of annoying.  I love to help my friends get into shooting, and many of them go out and have a great time.  Some may never shoot a firearm again, but at least if some one asks them about guns maybe they'll say "I shot one and it was fun" instead of  "I don't see why people need them".
  But every once in awhile, you meet those people who Just. Fucking. Know. Everything.
Which is great, because they typically don't know a god damn thing, and can barely operate a firearm, and lord knows with hardly a degree of safety.  As a result, everytime you bring up saftey (or thier lack of) they think you're just being critical. Also heaven forbid one out of a hundred shots hits the bullseye, becasue that's all you'll hear about for the rest of the day.  Not the 99 that missed.
  But "Hey!", you say, "at least people like that are supporting shooting sports!".  Truth is, not really.  They borrow or rent guns, buy cheap ammo which really only supports retail establishments, and generally don't do anything besides entertain themselves for an hour or two.  They form no bonds with the shooting community, and from what I've see, are even CRITICAL of people who do certain types of shooting, or concealed carry.

More to follow in the next episode.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People that shoot for entertainment.

  It was a bright, sunny day.  The marksman set his eyes about the target, in the distance, perched precariously on an earthen berm. He looks at the surrounding trees noting the listless behavior, the wind would cause him no harm today, on this the most important shot of the day.  Offhand, the standing position, no use of slings allowed, this is the position that makes or breaks most matches.   His form perfect.  Years of shooting have created muscle memory so deeply ingrained, he no longer has to think about the placement of his finger on the trigger, or the buttstock.
  He takes up the slack of the trigger, and gives careful estimation of where to sets the sights.  Pulling the rifle forward with his offhand he bump fires his AK into a motherfucking propane tank!  BOOM motherfuckers!  The crown cheers and beers are spilled, the AK bump firing away, kicking up craters in the berm.  The propane tank lights up the night, and the people who shoot for entertainment.

  It takes all kinds I suppose.