Tuesday, April 19, 2011

People who bitch about the rules of FUDD ranges, especially on the internet.

"I went to this range, it was gay, they only let you shoot one round at a time, and you could only have 5 rounds in the gun at a time."

"Oh yea, what type of gun were you shooting"

"My AK."*

"Of course....."

  Heard that sad story before.  The weapons change, but never the incomprehension of  "their range, their rules".  I wish I had a Barret .50 for every time I've ran across some butthurt dude lamenting the rules of ranges in our state, many of which have been around for twice as long as they have with the same rules!  SURPRISE no shit they don't want you blasting away with your semi-auto.  They also want people to shoot there that can follow simple rules.  But I guess that's too much to ask for some, because for as many people who bitch about the rules, there's just as many that bitch about getting yelled at for BREAKING them!  That means they accepted the terms for shooting at the range and "in one ear and out the other".

  It's truly priceless. I've tried to explain it to people before, one argument devolved so bad (On SGN of course) that the dude called me an idiot for saying you can't chamber load an AR-15!  Worse, a bunch of people supported him!  I guess they showed me.  Hope the next FUDD range they go to fuck up they see a Hi-Po shooter with a sled...   They probably would be too busy telling the guy why he should shoot Hi-Po with an AK since it's the most accurate gun ever made...  Looks like I got the last laugh on that because now I'm passive/ aggressively blogging about you asshole!  Fuck yo couch!

  Glad to have worked at the range I did, if not for the PEOPLE that owned it.  All the shooters minded the rules, the price kept a lot of the riff raff out, and it was a clean, safe, friendly place to shoot.  In my year as RSO, we had no accidents, no suicides, nothing more than a little slide bite and a few stung palms from certain ammo.

  It'll never change, guess it's human nature to push red, unmarked buttons and see what happens.  That's why at my range it was pointed out often that doing so was an automatic revocation of membership.  We let people do a lot of cool stuff, but they didn't push  any buttons!

*Yes Al, I know you shoot your AK at the Fudd range, but take into account you probably have the only crowned AK in the state....

Monday, April 18, 2011

The AK-47. Most powerful gun in the game.

  HOLY FARTBOX!  Has anyone else noticed this persistent trend in gaming?  Got to hear this one everyday in the Gun store. 18-23 year old kids would walk up with buddies "Dude an AK!  That's the best gun in______"  Now the idea is so persistent no one dares change it.   We're regulated to a world where AK's never "jam", hold more ammo, and are more accurate in consumers minds.

  Occasionally some one would ask my opinion, which gave me a lot more leeway than sale pitches.  "What do you think about the AK?"

"Well, I like it, I was shot at them a lot and never hit.  Wish more bad guys had them".  (He said jokingly)
Funny thing is, the Iraqi's that knew whats up rocked VZ-58's and SKS's. 

  I about wilted the first time in the store I heard some old Russian say "Is not AK, I had AK in Army, is AKM!"  Nearly taken off my feet by someone who knew the difference.  AKM's like you see for sale are like the M-16a1's of the AK world, overshadowed by the 100 series AK's.

  The GREATEST AK customers are the ones that want an AK made in Russia, but don't want a Saiga.  They see the import configuration and can't wrap their head around that it will look normal after a cheap conversion, and be a REAL Russian built AK clone, from the real factory!

Second best are the ones that buy and under folder as a plinking gun then bitch about the shitty cheek weld.

Third best are the ones that expect them to act like they do in movies and never malfunction and be accurate.

My favorite though, are the customers that want a cheap AK-74 to bumpfire super cheap ammo and make noise. They seem to be the best clued into the strengths inherent to the firearm!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lets start our first firearm review off right, talking about GLOCKS.

That's right, GLOCK, not Glock.  Go to their website, see for yourself. Makes me want to change my name to PATRICK instead of Patrick.

GLOCK basically stole the thunder of the American firearms industry.   Even though the HK VP-70 (Basically an elitist Hi-Point) had already been around, somehow GLOCK did what Austrians are famous for (well one at least), brainwashing the masses.   All of the sudden, exquisite pieces of milled stainless steel semi-autos, and the beautiful clock-work, blued perfection of revolvers was replaced by chunks of plastic in holsters of Police everywhere.

 Of course, if it was good enough for Police (or the guy in charge of the budget that liked the price) it was good enough for Joe blow the guy on the street, who just HAD to have the same sort of pistol the Police had!  Not to mention down the road lots of Police trade ins became available to civilian hands.

  Oh goody, now everyone has their hands on a  GLOCK.  You know they never jam right?  Movies and pop culture have led everyone to believe that the are perfect.  Or maybe it's the "GLOCK perfection" tagline you see everywhere.   Did you know GLOCKS are never recalled? They get the occasional "Product Upgrade".  It makes them perfecter or somthing.

  But really, they are solid pistols.  Sure Gaston may have used the tilt lock of John Browning, but who hasn't.  They do look a lot better than the VP-70. I've shot plenty of them and they work great. What really gets me is GLOCK owners.  It's like all you need to do, is own a Volkswagen, a Mac computer, and a GLOCK.  The level of smug would be unbelievable!  You'd literally be 3X better then everyone you meet!  I call it the "pretentious trifecta".

 I wish I had a dollar for everyone I've seen who had a GLOCK malfunction on them and just look at the pistol open mouth, not able to comprehend how their perfect pistol, that they have been lead to believe can "never jam" is jammed up like an Aurora street walker.  Just because your pistol has great marketing and is a media and pop culture star, is not a reason to skip important things like weapons manipulation and clearing malfunctions.

   Oh, and PLEASE take the freaking mag out BEFORE clearing the chamber.  There's a lot of holes in garage walls from people doing it the opposite way.

Your gun terminology sucks.

  Ever run across that dude at the range with his shit wired too tight?  You know the one.  "It's not a silencer, it's a suppressor, it only suppresses the report, not silences it!"  Thanks for filling me in on that buddy. The first commercial "Suppressor" was marketed as a Silencer by Hiram Maxims son, and all the cool people call it a "Can" anyways.   I get a extra kick out of people that pull the "It's not a silencer" thing out, when they've never shot with one in the first place!  Wonder if the same people who bust that line out think the guy they heard it from sounded like a complete asshole?

  Seriously, when did it become so important to call everything by the "right" name?  I guess when everyone became Call of Duty commandos they had to find a way to one up everyone by making language tactical or somthing.   Fortunately for me, I talk non-shooter. So when some one tells me their gun jammed, instead of going batshit and dressing them down saying that guns are not pieces of toast; I can talk to them and find out what type of malfunction happened.  That way you can explain what the types of malfunctions are at the same time and you have one more informed shooter, instead of a gun owner thinking "gee, that guy is a dick!".

  Why is it so wrong for me to have a gun that shoots bullets through a silencer?

  Who says I need a firearm that fires rounds through a suppressor?

If people concentrated on being better shooters, and teaching others the joy of safe firearms handling instead of burning up all their energy being condescending towards people who don't know any better, the firearms world would be much better off.

Sorry, your gun sucks.

It's heavy, has bad ergos, mags cost too much and ammo is hard to find.  The balance is off and the color is ugly.  You really should get a gun like mine.  It's lightweight, high power, holds more ammo that has better stopping power. Your gun is like a Khyber pass built SKS. My gun is like a Ferrari made out of hookers and blow.