Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm a broke ass looking IDPA shooter.

RIA 1911                     $400
Airsoft mag pouch        $15
Fobus Paddle holster    Free

Nipping at the heels of people who have been doing it with better gear, longer on the score sheet?  Priceless.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Competition mindset.

   Shooting is 90% mental.  That's a term that gets bandied about quite often.  If you haven't heard it, you're not hanging around with people that know what the fuck is up, because it's absolutely true.  I see a LOT of people every week that should be phenomenal shooters given their amount of practice, and monthly round counts, and constant attendance of local matches.  But they don't progress AT ALL.  Sure, by default they slowly get better through grinding out rounds.  A lot even go through the motions with different drills or special targets.   I myself have been guilty lately of becoming lax, and letting my mind wander instead of staying on top of things, and everything has suffered for it.

  One thing that I've always hated the whole time I was actively competing was people saying "you're only competing against yourself, don't worry about beating other people".  What the fuck kind of liberal feel good bullshit is THAT!   Who says that at a state finals competition?  I want my name at the damn top of the list with a blue ribbon in my hand!  The only time I ever "competed against myself" was trying to out shoot my score from previous years matches I placed first in.  I didn't get a modest collection of first place trophies and ribbons from the "everyone is a winner" mindset, I got them from wanting to stomp the shit out of other peoples scores, and send them home crying.

  Which brings us full circle, now I'm all old and busted, getting into new venues of shooting and not doing as well as I would like.  I'm partially restricted by gear, having to use firearms I wanted solely as fun range toys, not competition pieces.  I need more ammo and range time also, not to mention buckling down and dry firing more. 

  They say the road to recovery starts by admitting you have a problem.  My problem is I suck right now and know I can do better.  I need to re-light the fire I used to have, get out there, get in some matches and start getting back in the groove.  I need to get out there and steam roll some bitches to get that confidence boost!

I need to start getting some freaking wins under my belt again!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look the FUCK out!

I'm riding the gravy train with ammo, just picked up a huge box of sketchy gun show reloads!  Actually the ammo runs great, and shows no pressure signs, which is a good thing when it comes to 10mm.

Now, I can actually make it out to practice more.   Having done precision rifle shooting for years, and all the CQB/MOUT stuff in the military, I know that given a high enough round count, and enough good training I can progress in skill very quickly.  Even with extremely low monthly round counts, I can roll up ill equipped, with a unreasonably over powered pistol, and still finish middle of the pack shooting IDPA even butt fucking the course of fire.

Ideally, I can keep running the 10 for awhile till I get pretty good at the little local range shoots, and then get a good 9mm (cheaper, faster).  It'll be like Lance Armstrong training a mile high for the Tour de France when I start going to real matches!

Imagine, getting super fast and mega recoil control with a 10mm, then going to 9?  I'll be able to shoot it like a freaking .22! 

Round counts and training...   Time and money...  It's all I need!