Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Look the FUCK out!

I'm riding the gravy train with ammo, just picked up a huge box of sketchy gun show reloads!  Actually the ammo runs great, and shows no pressure signs, which is a good thing when it comes to 10mm.

Now, I can actually make it out to practice more.   Having done precision rifle shooting for years, and all the CQB/MOUT stuff in the military, I know that given a high enough round count, and enough good training I can progress in skill very quickly.  Even with extremely low monthly round counts, I can roll up ill equipped, with a unreasonably over powered pistol, and still finish middle of the pack shooting IDPA even butt fucking the course of fire.

Ideally, I can keep running the 10 for awhile till I get pretty good at the little local range shoots, and then get a good 9mm (cheaper, faster).  It'll be like Lance Armstrong training a mile high for the Tour de France when I start going to real matches!

Imagine, getting super fast and mega recoil control with a 10mm, then going to 9?  I'll be able to shoot it like a freaking .22! 

Round counts and training...   Time and money...  It's all I need!

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