Monday, April 18, 2011

The AK-47. Most powerful gun in the game.

  HOLY FARTBOX!  Has anyone else noticed this persistent trend in gaming?  Got to hear this one everyday in the Gun store. 18-23 year old kids would walk up with buddies "Dude an AK!  That's the best gun in______"  Now the idea is so persistent no one dares change it.   We're regulated to a world where AK's never "jam", hold more ammo, and are more accurate in consumers minds.

  Occasionally some one would ask my opinion, which gave me a lot more leeway than sale pitches.  "What do you think about the AK?"

"Well, I like it, I was shot at them a lot and never hit.  Wish more bad guys had them".  (He said jokingly)
Funny thing is, the Iraqi's that knew whats up rocked VZ-58's and SKS's. 

  I about wilted the first time in the store I heard some old Russian say "Is not AK, I had AK in Army, is AKM!"  Nearly taken off my feet by someone who knew the difference.  AKM's like you see for sale are like the M-16a1's of the AK world, overshadowed by the 100 series AK's.

  The GREATEST AK customers are the ones that want an AK made in Russia, but don't want a Saiga.  They see the import configuration and can't wrap their head around that it will look normal after a cheap conversion, and be a REAL Russian built AK clone, from the real factory!

Second best are the ones that buy and under folder as a plinking gun then bitch about the shitty cheek weld.

Third best are the ones that expect them to act like they do in movies and never malfunction and be accurate.

My favorite though, are the customers that want a cheap AK-74 to bumpfire super cheap ammo and make noise. They seem to be the best clued into the strengths inherent to the firearm!

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