Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lets start our first firearm review off right, talking about GLOCKS.

That's right, GLOCK, not Glock.  Go to their website, see for yourself. Makes me want to change my name to PATRICK instead of Patrick.

GLOCK basically stole the thunder of the American firearms industry.   Even though the HK VP-70 (Basically an elitist Hi-Point) had already been around, somehow GLOCK did what Austrians are famous for (well one at least), brainwashing the masses.   All of the sudden, exquisite pieces of milled stainless steel semi-autos, and the beautiful clock-work, blued perfection of revolvers was replaced by chunks of plastic in holsters of Police everywhere.

 Of course, if it was good enough for Police (or the guy in charge of the budget that liked the price) it was good enough for Joe blow the guy on the street, who just HAD to have the same sort of pistol the Police had!  Not to mention down the road lots of Police trade ins became available to civilian hands.

  Oh goody, now everyone has their hands on a  GLOCK.  You know they never jam right?  Movies and pop culture have led everyone to believe that the are perfect.  Or maybe it's the "GLOCK perfection" tagline you see everywhere.   Did you know GLOCKS are never recalled? They get the occasional "Product Upgrade".  It makes them perfecter or somthing.

  But really, they are solid pistols.  Sure Gaston may have used the tilt lock of John Browning, but who hasn't.  They do look a lot better than the VP-70. I've shot plenty of them and they work great. What really gets me is GLOCK owners.  It's like all you need to do, is own a Volkswagen, a Mac computer, and a GLOCK.  The level of smug would be unbelievable!  You'd literally be 3X better then everyone you meet!  I call it the "pretentious trifecta".

 I wish I had a dollar for everyone I've seen who had a GLOCK malfunction on them and just look at the pistol open mouth, not able to comprehend how their perfect pistol, that they have been lead to believe can "never jam" is jammed up like an Aurora street walker.  Just because your pistol has great marketing and is a media and pop culture star, is not a reason to skip important things like weapons manipulation and clearing malfunctions.

   Oh, and PLEASE take the freaking mag out BEFORE clearing the chamber.  There's a lot of holes in garage walls from people doing it the opposite way.

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