Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Why I waste time arguing about self and home defence on gun forums.

My response to people settling for "what works" vs "what works better".

I spend a LOT of time, energy, money, and brainpower; training, analyzing, researching, interviewing and doing everything I can to be as proficient as I can with rifles, pistols, and shotguns. I love to learn "the big picture" of things, to look at things like systems, not individual components.

I like to share what I know so that people can judge it against what they know, and refute it, causing me to reanalyze and find out how strong my opinions base is. Or accept it and learn something new they can incorporate, or even just send them in a new direction of learning.

It's funny when you talk to regular shooters, vs competition shooters, because comp shooters (at least good, or progressing ones) are always looking for an edge. It's the adapt or die mentality.

In fact, that's the very reason we have modern handgun shooting technique. I don't see very many people on here saying that shooting aimed with two hands on the gun, in a modern style is "only a competition technique" and of no use for home defense.

So why don't more people carry that over into the life or death realm of SD/HD? I doubt any of us will ever know.

So when people say "X works just fine, you don't need Y" all I can do is laugh because shooting is a dynamic process. Stagnation means you get left behind. Settling for "what works" means you might miss out on whats better.

So that's what I do, and what I love. Share so that people may benefit, question what people say that may be a detriment.

And hope I do a good job of it!

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