Sunday, June 26, 2011

Motherfucking Zombies.

  Yea, I get it, daydreaming about Z day is fun and all, but I wish people would stop bringing the shit up in the middle (and derailing) serious firearm conversations.

  I was talking to a buddy about going shooting, he mentions if he ever carried a gun he'd carry it chamber empty.  I mentioned that's not how they are designed to work, and he'd only be putting himself behind the 8 ball. Of course he goes on to tell me how it wouldn't take that long to chamber a round (from the guy that owns no firearms) and that there's no reason to carry one all the time.  Then he went onto talk about not seeing a reason to stockpile ammo, so on, and so forth. By this time I'm groaning and my ears are paying more attention to my tinnitus than what he's saying.  So then, out of the blue he starts talking about his zombie apocalypse plans, and what he would do.

  I mentioned it would be hard to get anywhere when you don't have a firearm because you never carry, the roads are jammed up, and all the store are looted. He had absolutely NO grasp on the way emergency situations work.  How do you get across information to people who have no frame of reference?  How can I impress upon him, that in some large civil disturbance, you're not going to drive to the sporting goods store and steal guns (he didn't even know there's 2-3 closer actual gun stores, his plan was to go to a now defunct sporting warehouse that sold FUDD guns)?

  Maybe I'm jaded having gone through one war and two hurricanes.  I've been in more than a few stressful situations, and have what I consider a realistic grasp on the way things go in an emergency (that basically, you're up to the fates and what you brought with you). 

  Maybe one day it will dawn on my buddy that there's a reason people carry, and that he should consider it, and at least train a little bit.  Until then I feel like I'm spinning my wheels talking to him about firearms.  Guess that's why I find myself hanging out with avid shooters more and more. 

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